Coolant for heating "SVOD-AI ", 10 liters
price: 1,050 UAH
Coolant for heating "SVOD-AI ", 10 liters
Coolant for heating "SVOD-AI ", 10 liters
Environmentally friendly coolant for local heating systems, Antifreeze "SVOD-AI " is
manufactured on the basis of propylene glycol, which belongs to the 4th class of hazard and is safe for human life and animals.

Modern heating systems require up-to-date coolants. Currently, most household boilers are used as coolant, water or antifreeze. But! Their use has significant drawbacks.
As for WATER:
forms limescale (deposits) that worsen the conditions of heat transfer;
with decreasing ambient temperature below 0 °C increases in volume.
Consider TOCOL:
made on the basis of toxic substances ethylene glycol, which is dangerous for humans and animals; in the case of the burst of the system or leakage, it is necessary to repair the premises for decontamination;
the water systems based on its usageworsen the functioning of boiler pumps;
can damage aluminum and copper parts of the machinery.
What are the benefits of the antifreeze "SVOD-AI ",
does not disturb the operation of the boiler equipment;
safe for human and animals;
prevents the corrosion of aluminum, copper, iron, bronze, steel, parts of the machine;
can withstand freezing down to -40 °C.
All products of the series CBOD® are acknowledged with the "Green line". This certificate guarantees high consumer qualities and environmental friendliness. Products are produced WITHOUT POLYPHOSPHATES, which cause irreparable harm to the environment and consequently to human health.
Packaging - canister 10 liters
Coolant for heating "SVOD-AI ", 10 liters
Coolant for heating "SVOD-AI ", 10 liters