"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 liters (6,75 kg)
price: 440 UAH
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 liters (6,75 kg)
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 liters (6,75 kg)
Concentrated liquid for washing of heat exchanger and power equipment.
Cleaning solutions based upon the means "SVOD-RVN"​ Professional (1 liter per 5 liters of water) is used for removing calcium-carbonate deposits from heating surfaces steam and hot water boilers, turbine condensers, and pipelines of heat networks, heat exchangers and evaporators. The maximum activity of descaling is achieved at the temperature of the rinse solution 20-40 ºC.
A must for the implementation of flushing is the provision of flow of the cleaning solution on all channels, passages and pipes of processing equipment.
Upon completion of cleaning equipment is rinsed with water. Additional passivation of the metal surfaces is not required. Waste washing solutions merge into a city household plumbing
The means "SVOD-RVN"​ ​ Professional is a completely biodegradable chemical product and aqueous solutions based on it do not violate the mode of operation of sewage treatment plants.
This means is ruthless to scale and efficient in action!
All products of the series CBOD® are acknowledged with the "Green line". This certificate guarantees high consumer qualities and environmental friendliness. Products are produced WITHOUT POLYPHOSPHATES, which cause irreparable harm to the environment and consequently to human health.
Packaging canister 5 liters
Weight - 6,75 kg

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"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 liters (6,75 kg)
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 liters (6,75 kg)