SVOD-TVN BIO +, 30kg
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SVOD-TVN BIO +, 30kg
SVOD-TVN BIO +, 30kg
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SVOD-TVN BIO + is a dry, powdery product containing an active substance, a corrosion inhibitor, and a nonionic surfactant. On its basis, 5-10% washing solutions are prepared by dissolving the calculated amount of the product in water.
Detergent solutions based on this agent are used to remove calcium carbonate (scale) and iron oxide deposits (sludge), as well as products of microbiological activity from the heating surfaces of steam and hot water boilers, turbine condensers, pipelines of heating networks, heat exchangers and evaporators.
Washing is carried out at a temperature of the working solution of 20-40ºС. For an accelerated washing process, the temperature of the solution should be brought to 60 ºС.
The washing process is carried out until the pH value and the acidity of the washing solution are stabilized.

The advantages of the flushing method with these solutions are as follows:
  • the ability to flush equipment made from any type of steel and non-ferrous metals;
  • washing of cast-iron boilers having threaded connections on the collectors;
  • the possibility of washing without mounting a special circuit by the method of "etching";
  • washing solutions are gentle with respect to metal and the corrosion rate is reduced to minimum values (not more than 0.3 mm per year).
  • It is a fully biodegradable chemical product.
Packaging - plastic bag
Weight - 30kg
SVOD-TVN BIO +, 30kg
SVOD-TVN BIO +, 30kg