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A professional tool for removing calcium carbonate and iron oxide deposits, as well as microbiological products.
Dry powdery product. Effectively and safely removes deposits (scale, corrosion products, biofouling) from all heating surfaces.
It is used for cleaning:
heat exchangers, boilers, geysers, as well as all types of water heaters, turbine condensers, evaporation plants, heating and cooling systems.
with any type of metal: aluminum, copper, cast iron, ferrous metal, stainless steel, except for galvanized surfaces.
Mode of application:
Based on SVOD-TVN BIO +, washing solutions are prepared by dissolving the calculated amount of the product in water (1 kg per 10 l of water).
The solution is fed into the system and circulated until the scale and sludge are completely dissolved. The activity to remove deposits is achieved at a temperature of the washing solution of 20-40 ° C (estimated washing time of 3 hours).
To speed up the flushing process, the temperature of the solution should be brought to 60 ° C.
The flushing process is accompanied by active gas evolution. The cessation of gas evolution indicates the end of the washing process, or a decrease in the concentration (actuation) of the active substance. To verify the completion of the washing process, it is necessary to add 50 g of REDD-TVN BIO + to the washing solution, if gas evolution does not resume, the equipment is considered washed.

1 kg of product - removes 0.5 kg of deposits!

After washing with a solution, the equipment is washed with water. Additional passivation of metal surfaces is not required.
Aqueous solutions based on "REDD-TVN" BIO + do not violate the operating mode of treatment facilities and merge into the municipal sewage system.
Security measures:
Avoid contact with eyes and skin. When working with the product, use rubber gloves, a rubberized apron, and safety glasses.
If "SVOD-TVN" BIO + and working solutions get on the skin, rinse the affected area with plenty of water and neutralize with 3-5% sodium bicarbonate solution (drinking soda).
Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.
Composition: a mixture of organic and inorganic acids, corrosion inhibitor, nonionic surfactants <2%, food coloring, antifoam.
TU U 20.4-30421760-014: 2013
Packaging - plastic bucket
Weight - 1kg